Handcrafted, functional glass art

Handcrafted, beautiful glassware

Looking for a stunning focal point in your home decor? Or a unique gift that will wow?

Fanglasstic creates dazzling glassware that is not only beautiful as a center piece in a foyer but also useful as a serving dish on your dining room table. Take a look at our Gallery.

Just because our glass is striking and elegant doesn’t mean it should cost an arm and a leg. We pride ourselves on the affordability of our products and the value for money our customers receive.

Trendy and fresh new ideas coupled with the tried and true classic designs allow us to truly say that we ‘have something for everyone’.

If you like something vibrant and full of color, or something a bit more neutral and subdued, we have you covered.

Every single piece we create is handcrafted by one of our artists. This means that whatever you buy will be absolutely unique in its texture and character.